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2/826 David St, Albury, NSW. 2640

Run + strength Coaching

Become a stronger fitter runner.

Show up prepared. Perform better.

Jeremy Rae

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Uni. of Sydney, 2002)

20 years experience

with purpose.

Be guided by an experienced Exercise Physiologist who practices what he preaches.

Personal coaching and programming.

Specific physical preparedness

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coaching FAQs

  • A 3 month commitment – To running and strength sessions. 
  • Along with obtaining the right calories for your basal metabolic and exercise expenditure needs, you should be aiming to eat plenty of different coloured veggies and some fruit. Plenty of whole foods. Limiting processed foods as often as possible. If you do need extra coaching in this space, I can help.  Just let me know via an ‘additional note’ when completing the ‘get started’ form and we can discuss coaching options. 

Payment is via a secure paypal gateway or Xero invoice if you prefer.

To set you up and build your initial program, the start up fee: $157.

If you are local, I recommend that you arrange an in studio initial appointment, run analysis and functional movement screen. This is a 1hr appt and costs $157. 

Ongoing coaching cost is $207/month for a minimum of 3 months. 

Additional appointments, whether @ Summit Performance studio or via video call, can be arranged as frequently as weekly or as an additional ‘one-off’. 

Just let me know via an ‘additional note’ when completing the ‘get started’ form and we can discuss best options for you.

All your workouts (+ descriptions and video demonstrations) are scheduled daily – showing up in your app.

If you are still unsure about how to perform a workout OR particular exercise, then please leave a comment within that session + a 3s video of you doing that exercise and send it to me for review.

No. However, ideally you will have access to some equipment. The reason for this is two fold:

1. Using external resistance (not just body weight) offers a much greater opportunity for variation in your programming and

2. You will progress towards your goal(s) faster due to the varied stimulus application.

If you are a member of a gym then no. 

If you would like to complete workouts/sessions @ home then ideally yes.  

The following would be a great starting investment: 

90cm Foam roller. Medium strength ‘mini-band’. Medium or strong strength ‘powerband.’  10-12kg kettlebell.  ~4-6kg dumbbells (pair). Massage ball (not spiky or too hard). Swiss ball (55cm if youre less than 175cm. 65cm if youre above this height. 

If you’d like more recommendations, please discuss this during our initial call.

I will assist you in programming contingency sessions – just let me know. There are plenty of options!

No. You’re committing to me and I’m committing to you for a minimum of 3 months.

You know, as well as I do that in order for you to get the results you’re after it’s going to take work on both of our parts. This doesn’t happen overnight.

If you are not committed to taking your running to the next level, then I suggest we don’t work together. 

Hit the “Get started” button and I’ll give you a call!

Ready to run better?