Our Story

We’re 2 passionate coaches. 

We’re also a couple with two lovely girls, as you may have guessed by now. 

Our journey together began 18years ago. We met whilst studying at Sydney university and living in very dingy dilapidated shared accommodation. Since then we’ve embraced many adventures together, and learnt a great deal more about ourselves and the world. Some highlights have been trekking in South America and Nepal, living two years in beautiful Edinburgh, and the birth of our two gorgeous girls. Other highlights include morning coffees, sunny afternoons and jogs on our local hill.

Health and happiness are front and centre in our vision for what we want for life. We want to move well, feel strong and energised and have great relationships. Our daily habits are underpinned by these values.

We’d really love to help everyone we work with feel wonderful about themselves and live with zest for life. For life.

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for health and exercise.

The fact that I can share this passion through my work means
that work blends seamlessly with my lifestyle, feels like pleasure and enriches my life.

As well as this interest in health I’ve always been a bit of
a mother hen, I genuinely really want the best for everyone. This caring
quality has been apparent my whole life and is something clients really notice and appreciate.

Friends and clients describe me as warm and welcoming, kind
with a genuine interest in others, thoughtful, uplifting, grounded and

My core values are authenticity (being myself and allowing
others to be as they are),  health and
wellness (obviously!), lifelong learning, family, joy and kindness.

On my weekends and in my spare time I love exploring national parks and bush tracks, gardening with the family, having a walk and
maybe a wine with friends, cooking creatively, reading, sleeping, yoga, doing a crossword and having a bath.

I take all the Tribe classes at Summit. I absolutely love these! Sharing fun and healthy movement and being surrounded by great people
nourishes me as much as it does the rest of the Tribe.

I’d love you to join our crew.

Send me a message if you’d like to start training with me!

Who I help: Over 40s wanting to be stronger, healthier and run better!

I provide a complete coaching service that includes ALL run, strength, mobility and flexibility training regardless of goal.

Who am I: My name is Jeremy Rae, and I have 20+ years experience as a Accredited Exercise Physiologist University of Sydney, 2002), Running Coach and Athlete. My holistic approach to training covers all aspects of health and fitness.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with Olympic athletes and coaches as well as the rest of us. Anyone whose goal is to be the best they can be!

Running, feeling strong and moving well is something I live and share everyday with my family.

Since finishing Uni, I have continued to complete multiple courses yearly for accreditation requirements and professional education in the fields of: Corrective Exercise, Holistic Health, Clinical Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Rehabilitation.

Previously I was a National level competitor in Decathlon, these days I love competing as a trail runner in races from 10k to Ultra.

As an Exercise Physiologist I’ve worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Scotland, and Tasmania. I now live and train in Albury/Wodonga, NSW, Australia.

If you’re ready to start? Send me a message with some info about yourself and I’ll give you a call!


Keeping you on-track


Safe & effective exercise prescription


Encouraging you towards your goals