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2/826 David St, Albury, NSW. 2640

What is it?

This program is for High School Athletes.

The goal of the program is to develop the physical capabilities of the participants via a Youth Strength & Performance program.

The program is aligned with the Youth Physical Development model and Resistance Training for Children & Youth: A position stand from the Australian S&C Association. 

Youth Physical Development model.

How it works?

  • All athletes are screened and tested in their 1st session. 
  • Following screening, testing and a review of athletic/sports specific goals their strength program is designed.
  • All athletes attend 2 x 1h supervised small group sessions / week. These are currently: Monday 415-515pm & Thursday 415-515pm. Class sizes are capped at 8.
  • We review and monitor individual progress at every session. Assessing after a complete 4 week block.

Session format:

  • Each session includes warm-up, mobility, skill acquisition, power/strength and cool down.
  • Every session each athlete keeps strength program progress notes (exercise/sets/reps/recovery/additional notes).


Cost: $68 p/ week. Paid in full at the commencement of the term. 

Additional info:

  • If the athlete wants additional individual performance coaching for their sports specific goal(s) we can certainly arrange an individual appointment @ Summit Performance to suit.
  • Jeremy Rae, Accredited Exercise Physiologist (University of Sydney, 2002) – Member Exercise & Sports Science Australia; & Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Coach – Qualifications completed with NSCA-CSCS (2007) & ASCA-L2 (2013), will supervise the sessions and athlete progress.