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2/826 David St, Albury, NSW. 2640

Terms & Conditions / Q&A’s

Terms & Conditions / Q&A’s

Consistency and clear goal setting is the key to your success!

We all know that goals we feel proud of take time and effort to achieve. Hence all our programs are designed for medium and long term change. Whether that be an 10 week TRIBE term or personal training program.

And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage practices that support the goal.

Bottom line: A greater commitment to your long term health and fitness = greater sustainable results and achievement …and a happy you!


Summit Performance is so confident that our programs will work for you, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee – if your fitness levels have not measurably improved after training consistently for 4 weeks. This means there is no risk to you, so there is nothing to stop you giving it a go!

How do I get started?

Step 1: Confirm your initial appointment.

Step 2: Complete initial appointment.

Step 3: Start your personal training program AND/OR commence a 10 week term of TRIBE.

Step 4: You apply your self to consistently show up at your appointments, and we help you create a body that performs and looks like an athlete, that exudes confidence.

Step 5: We continue to review your progress via our reassessment sessions to ensure your long term success.

Payments Policy:

What we deliver is exceptional. We stand by what we say; “You get what you pay for.”

We make payments clear and simple, so we can focus on delivering high quality training and ensure your achievement.

ALL payments to be made in full in one transaction at the commencement of the personal training program OR TRIBE term period.

Cash is not held on the premises. Fees are subject to change.

Term or program ‘holds’:

We know work and travel can sometimes get in the way of your training. Personal/performance training programs may be put on hold at the discretion of management only for absences of four weeks or greater. When necessary, workouts will be scaled to accommodate injuries. Travel workouts are made available to the performance clients on request.

If you need to hold your personal training program for some other reason (for example, you break yourself somehow and are not able to train at all) we will help determine the best option to get you back training ASAP!

A hold will result in adding the period of your hold duration to the end of your block or term. Written notice is required for the hold of a group term or block of Personal Training.

TRIBE and the recommended need for a Personal appt.

We love that you’ve embraced TRIBE however, we recommend that every term you meet with us for a one on one  appointment where you can develop a program to work on a weakness or a technical skill you need more help on.

You can book these sessions as frequently as you like if you would like additional help with your running, lifting, gymnastics, strength or mobility elements.

Why are you (maybe!) more expensive than traditional gyms?

Simple – you get what you pay for.

We provide direction, support and accountability in an intimate studio environment.

Our fees reflect this. We are GREAT coaches. When you have a great teacher you obtain great, once seemingly, unattainable achievements.

We are experts in this field.

We VALUE your time, money and effort and provide your SOLUTION.

HOLISTIC we focus on the whole you.

Our focus is on providing you with tailored personal/performance training programs that align with your long term goals. We provide value and expect you to turn up!..unlike other gym models.

Our pricing is developed around support level, and this is based on your individual needs.

  • You pay us for focused, personalized training and long term results.
  • You pay us to be responsible and attentive to your progress.
  • You pay us to program and structure your training for you.
  • You pay us to teach you to move correctly and safely, so you can do more in your life.
  • You pay us to support you in making optimal lifestyle changes.
  • You pay us to be your guides and support for increasing your health and fitness.
  • You pay us to be part of our physical achievement focused community.
  • Compared to the other gym programs, our personal training services are of exceptional value.
  • We are professional coaches.
  • We give you what you need and see long-term results.

Other conditions:

We are very reasonable, and don’t expect to have to invoke the following, however for the protection of the Summit Performance crew and users, as well as ensuring we are promoting a professional (and fun) environment at all times, Summit Performance reserve’s the right to:

  • Refuse you entry to small group classes if you are more than 10 minutes late
  • Stop your participation in a small group class if you display poor attitude or are disruptive.