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Training guidelines

Training Guidelines

  1. Start with a low percentage of maximum, i.e.: 60% of repetition maximum for that movement.
  2. Resistance must be increased for continued strength gains.
  3. When starting out beginners can make strength gains with 15-20 rep loads, as they are @ the bottom of their strength potential.
    1. The gains @ the 15-20 rep load range is due to enhanced motor performance.
    2. Working at these rep loads also allows better technique control.
  4. In the 1st 4-6 weeks of training, beginners do not need to be worked to exhaustion as the majority of progress is neural.
  5. Complex exercises, i.e.: olympic lifts, that require high levels of co-ordination to beginners must be prescribed very carefully, if at all!
  6. Beginners (and teenagers) should perform no more than 30 sets /workout, i.e.: 10 exercises @ 3 sets each.
  7. When beginning, the best gains will come from exercises that target the body’s major muscle groups.
  8. Where weight loss is a goal, the best results will be achieved with exercises targeting the large muscle groups coupled with shorter rest periods.
  9. Commencing 2 training sessions/week for the first few weeks is sufficient for progress. After this time better results may occur with 3+ training sessions/week. This will depend on the individual.
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