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Squeezing the MOST from your training program!

Make sure these become a habit:

  1. Set realistic and attainable goals for ALL training sessions and/or workouts.
  2. You MUST warm up and cool down appropriately for each session.
  3. Use your favourite app to ensure training sessions are scheduled and you can record sets, reps, load, tempo and rest variables + any aches or difficulties you may have had in that session – great to refer back to for progress towards relevant goals.
  4. You and/or your coach needs to monitor ‘recovery to work ratio’ to ensure you dont over stress your system and overtrain. 
  5. If you’re not progressing – but training hard – then your training load is wrong and your program isn’t built  according to scientifically proven supercompensation principles.
  6. To achieve long term goals training needs to be planned. Ideally annually. This helps determine appropriate training loads from month to month – periodisation is aligned with supercompensation principles and the likelihood of overtraining is vastly reduced.
  7. Plan to assess, (re) test and/or enter competitions/races to determine the success of your current program. Do not be afraid to do this > review the outcome and discuss possible changes to your plan with your coach. 
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