Our mission

To empower everyone we work with to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

🤸‍♀️Claire specialises in helping older adults be stronger and energised.✨

🏃‍♀️Jeremy specialises in helping “over 40’s” be strong and run.⏱️

About Claire


I love exercise and always have. Not in a “Gung-ho” type of way, more in a wonder-filled self-respecting, fill your lungs with joy type of way!

I know that for many people feelings of joy and enthusiasm aren’t synonymous with exercise. I’m passionate about helping people find joy and self-connection through exercise.

When exercise is enjoyable it becomes a natural part of a fulfilling life. Lifetime fulfillment is what I want for you.

Side by side with my passion for health, sits my passion for people. I’m trained as an early childhood teacher and enjoy working with people with diverse needs and abilities.

I love working with groups, and really enjoy the community connection that comes from a shared experience. 

My enjoyment and experience working with Boomer’s is booming! It’s my personal mission to help people over 60 feel healthy, valued, strong and mobile as they age.

In line with this, much of my recent professional development has been related to active aging and evidenced based exercise prescription. New feathers in my cap include training in beginner yoga for the lower back, beginner and intermediate pilates for the upper back, Intermediate pilates for the abdominals, as well as evidence based courses specifically focusing on hips, shoulders, neck, upper back and knees.

I would love to help you feel fit and fabulous and to find lifelong joy through exercise.

Please send an email to
claire@summitpt.com.au if you’d like to start training with me!

About Jeremy


Who I help:

If you’re wanting to be stronger, healthier and run better then I’m your coach.

I provide a complete online and in-studio coaching service that includes ALL run, strength, mobility and flexibility training regardless of your run goal.

Full information about my coaching services and fees are here.


Who am I:

My name is Jeremy Rae, and I have 20+ years experience as a Exercise Physiologist, Coach and Athlete.
During that time I’ve worked with Olympic athletes and coaches as well as the rest of us. Anyone whose goal is to be the best they can be!

My holistic approach to training covers all aspects of movement as well as lifestyle habits.
Running, feeling strong and moving well is a lifestyle for me and my family.

I am an accredited exercise physiologist, running and strength coach (i have also completed studies in holistic lifestyle coaching and clinical nutrition).

I completed university study in 2002 @ Sydney University in Exercise & Sports Science (+ USYD scholarship and Uni Blues recipient for Athletics/Track and Field).

Since then I have continued to complete multiple courses yearly for accreditation requirements and professional education. in the field of Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Health.

I’ve worked as a PT, Lecturer, Rehabilitation Provider, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and Coach in Sydney, Melbourne, Scotland, and Tasmania. I now live and train in Albury/Wodonga, NSW, Australia.
In my late teens and early 20s I was a National level competitor in Decathlon. I competed at the Sydney 2000 Olympic trials and many National Championships during those years. Now I’m in my 40s I enjoy and compete as a trail runner in races from 10k to Ultra. I feel my best performances in ultra trails are yet to come!

Let’s get started!

Whether you have a current run goal or not, if you’re ready to commit to moving stronger and running better then read here to see if I’d be a good fit as your coach.