Our Mission

We are 2 passionate personal health and fitness coaches. 

Our mission is to empower everyone we work with to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

About Claire


For as long as I can remember I have always had passion for health and exercise.
The fact that I can share this passion through my work means that work blends seamlessly with my lifestyle, feels like pleasure and enriches my life.

Born and raised in Albury I spent much of my youth roaming through the surrounding hills with friends and family, riding bikes and building cubbies. I enjoyed, and was competitive at Swimming, Waterpolo and Basketball.

Health and wellness have always been in my blood, though, here’s an interesting titbit;
I didn’t follow the urge to pursue a career in exercise straight after school. My twin sister chose to study Exercise Physiology and so I chose Speech Pathology followed by Early Childhood Education in an effort to differentiate myself!! How funny that I should end up marrying an Exercise Physiologist and joining him in our own exercise and wellness business!

My joint degrees (Hearing and Speech Science and Early Childhood Education) lead me to teaching in Kindergartens and Preschools and later specialising in Early Childhood Education for children with developmental delay or disability. I loved this work and the people I met. I left only when the role changed to be more administrative and I realised just how much I was enjoying the work I was doing at Summit with Jeremy.

There is a quote on a blackboard in the studio which says ‘find your joy and let it run your life.’ I really feel like that is what I’m doing now I am working with Jeremy doing what we love and live.

I have a Certificate 4 in Fitness which I am very proud of. Throughout my study I was regularly told by assessors how advanced my understanding was. This I know is largely as a result of my close relationship with Jeremy who has been an informal master trainer for me. I’m told my education background and skills working with people with diverse abilities sets me apart also.
For me exercise and healthy living is a joy. I love working with people who lead healthy lifestyles and embrace exercise as a way of loving and respecting themselves. I think it’s important to frame
exercise and healthy living as something you do because you love your body and want to get the most out of it, not something you do as a punishment because you feel it’s expected of you. I think this framing is important. Coming from a place of respect and joy helps clarify the purpose and bring out the passion!
My very favourite forms of exercise are running/walking in the hills, and Summit ‘TRIBE’ style –  functional strength workouts. Functional strength workouts are designed to build strength,
flexibility and agility through every single movement pattern.

I love working with people of all ages and all walks of life, though my current passion is working with 40-50year olds and helping them rediscover what they’re made of!
I take all the TRIBE classes at Summit. I absolutely love, love, love these! We have such amazing people and It’s an absolute joy! The exercise is super fun too 😉

Please send an email to
claire@summitpt.com.au if you’d like to learn more or arrange to come in for a trial.
I also take PT clients. Woohoo!! Email or get in touch if you’d like to chat about how to get started.

About Jeremy


My name is Jeremy Rae, and I have 20+ years experience as a Exercise Physiologist, Coach and Athlete.

During that time I’ve worked with Olympic athletes and coaches as well as the rest of us: whose goal is to be the best we can be!

My holistic approach to training covers all aspects of movement, eating and lifestyle habits.

I help busy over 40s to live and move like their 20s.

Running, feeling strong and moving well is a lifestyle for me.

I am an accredited exercise physiologist, running coach, strength coach, holistic lifestyle coach and nutritionist.

I completed university study in 2002 @ Sydney Uni in Exercise & Sports Science (+ USYD scholarship and Uni Blues recipient for Athletics).

Since then I have continued to complete multiple courses yearly for accreditation requirements and professional education in the field of Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Health.

I’ve worked as a PT, Lecturer, Rehab Provider, Nutritionist, Ex Phys and Coach in Sydney, Melbourne, Scotland, Hobart and now Albury/Wodonga.

Previously I was a Decathlete, who competed at Sydney 2000 Olympic trials, these days I enjoy and compete as a trail runner in races from 10k’s to Ultra. 

If you’re ready to commit > to me coaching you > to dropping weight, feeling energized and running when you please, email me: jeremy@summitpt.com.au.