About Claire


My exercise philosophy is all about wellbeing and balance.

Exercise is about being the best you can be, feeling strong, flexible and empowered. Challenging yourself, celebrating progress and having fun.

I specialise in small group training. I love the sense of belonging and community that comes from a supportive small group environment.


There is nothing better than hard work mixed with the cackle of laughter. My classes are about the journey and the experience as much as the product or outcome of the exercise. It’s all intertwined, and having fun and feeling great are pivotal to health.

Complementing my role as a Certified Group  Exercise Trainer I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and many years’ experience facilitating small group education sessions. I have worked with many wonderful people with diverse abilities and needs and am fascinated by different learning styles. Everyone has unique strengths and I love seeing people get the best out of themselves.

About Jeremy


My name is Jeremy Rae, and I have 20 years experience as a Exercise Physiologist, Coach and Athlete.

During that time I’ve worked with Olympic athletes and coaches as well as average Joe and Jane whose goal was to be the best version of themselves.

I have developed a holistic approach to training which covers movement, eating and lifestyle.

My approach benefits athletes, people with chronic conditions and those wanting to reach their best self.

I currently train all of these people.

I am an accredited exercise physiologist, running coach, strength coach, holistic lifestyle coach and clinical nutritionist.

I completed university study in 2002 @ Sydney Uni in Exercise & Sports Science (+ USYD scholarship and Uni Blues recipient).

Since then I have continued to complete multiple courses yearly for accreditation requirements and professional education in the field of Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Health.

I’ve worked as a PT, Lecturer, Rehab Provider, Nutritionist, Ex Phys and Coach in Sydney, Melbourne, Scotland, Hobart and now Albury/Wodonga.

Previously an elite decathlete, who competed at Sydney’s Olympic trials, I now compete as a trail runner in races from 10k to ultra distances.

Jeremy’s bespoke programs are overseen with the utmost attention.

Please email jeremy@summitpt.com.au with information about yourself and fitness OR performance goals to make a start.