1-on-1 OR Small group

Over 40s Run & Strength

Our programs are built on evidence based methods and include: 

Corrective Training 💪 Strength Training ✨ Core Training 🤸‍♀️

Balance Training 🧘 Flexibility Training ⏱️ Mobility Training 🏃‍♀️


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So, if you’re wanting to recapture your MOBILITY, BE STRONG and MOVE better – with or without a personal goal – we can design a program that is UNIQUE TO YOU AND WORKS.

TRIBE TERM 3 2020!

Join us! Contact: claire@summitpt.com.au to book.

If you want to be muscle bound & stiff then TRIBE training is NOT for you.

We FOCUS our attention on: *Over 40s and Older Adults*

TRIBE training philosophy: to help you rediscover what your body is still capable of doing, whilst making you lean and supple.


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Yes you will be challenged and it will improve tone and shape but TRIBE is more than this.

Personal Training 

Our programming will make you a better athlete for every day of the week (athlete or not!).

We teach you how to strengthen and stretch your body to create the BEST version of you! 

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We address weaknesses with corrective exercises whilst also improving your functional strength and fitness.

Our exercise prescription encourages body balanced STRENGTH and MOBILITY for ease, efficiency, FLOW and control of daily movement!

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