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Which dietary oils are best for you?

Did you know that the Eskimos have one of the lowest incidence of heart disease in the world? Even though they live on blubber! People living in Crete get half their calories from fat but have very few problems with heart attacks!

Why? Because oils and fats in the diet are not the same. Some fats are harmful whilst others protect your body systems, blood vessels and your heart.

The culprits: Heated, stored, slightly rancid oils – damage blood vessels and initiate the process of atherosclerosis (artery hardening).

The preferred: Because of the ‘Eskimo experience’ – fats associated with seafood are preferred, in particular those seafoods found in cold waters.

This week’s ACTION:

Minimize your use of oils that have been heated to high temperatures (coconut oil is an exception to this rule) – e.g. reheated oils found in baked goods, deep fryers, bbq chickens, rissoles, savaloys etc.

Minimise your use of trans fats (formed by the hydrogenation process) found in margarine products

Take a supplement of vitamin E to protect your organs and tissues (esp. Blood vessels)

If you don’t like fish or other seafoods you can still get the benefit of the fish oils by purchasing a supplement of fish oils (Omega-3).

So optimize the blood flow to all your body systems and start including more good dietary oils into you well balanced, nutritionally sound, whole food nutrition plan!

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