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Our goal:

To help you reach the best version of you, regardless of your starting point or goal.

We provide:

  • Personal Training and Coaching.

  • Intimate group sessions (TRIBE) – for over 40s & older adults – accommodating all abilities and goals.

Our programs are for everyone.

Whether you’re healthy or not, we only ask that you provide a desire to be your best self.

We dont offer short term options, as real results come with consistent practice over time.

Your journey:

In studio & Online coaching:

Your journey @ Summit Performance begins with the completion of a couple of forms – Summit PT Health & Medical Questionnaire as well as a Summit Performance Client Consent. Both of these documents are essential to ensure we know your starting point.

We want you to feel confident that your body is ready for the demands of your new routine

If you already think “we’re a fit” and want to start Personal coaching asap, go here!

Once you have completed your forms please email: claire@summitpt.com.au OR jeremy@summitpt.com.au.

We then review – to obtain a clearer understanding of how we can help you with your current goals – and then arrange an initial assessment. For locals, this is in the Summit studio. For remote personal training clients, this is via a skype/video call.

During this assessment we will identify movement and fitness strengths and weaknesses.

Your consultation, forms and assessment will cover the following:

  • A postural assessment and  functional movement screens,

  • Baseline measurements – appropriate to your goal,

  • A review of your lifestyle and exercise habits,

  • Your history of injuries – acute and chronic,

  • Your history of illness,

  • Your current goals.

With this information we can recommend whether Personal Training or TRIBE (if you’re local) is best for you!

How TRIBE and Personal Training works for you ⬇⬇⬇

TRIBE training

*TERM 3 2020 commences July!*

10 weeks, within NSW school term.

Book your place now, email: claire@summitpt.com.au

If you want to be muscle bound and stiff then TRIBE training is NOT for you. As humans we’re made to crawl, walk, run, jump, defend, climb, throw, lift and balance.

Small group training – provided in studio & via private video @ scheduled weekly times.

TRIBE training has been designed to help you rediscover what your body is still capable of doing, whilst making you lean and supple.

We offer TRIBE as:

ORIGINAL – targets mobility and whole body functional strength

RUNNER – target what you need and dont do each week! Beginner>Advanced.

EXERCISE THERAPY & OLDER ADULTS – the focus is safe strength & mobility!

You choose time(s)/week that work for you. We track your progress/programs and you get to know the crew in your session!

The TRIBE program has been designed by Jeremy Rae – Exercise Physiologist.

We provide the correct technique feedback and ways to modify or regress/progress the exercises/mobility movements so all TRIBE participants train safely and effectively!

TRIBE is an intimate small group training experience.

Functional whole body movements, correct movement technique, fun, and like minded exercisers!

Suitable for adults of all fitness levels – we change the movements depending on your capacity.

Awaken your amazingly resilient and adaptable body with TRIBE. Expect continued improvement in your mobility & stretch, core condition, running, squatting, crawling, pushing and pulling movements, rolling and lunging – and a lightness in your daily step.

Every TRIBE session is tailored to your own progress of the fundamental human movement patterns.

The TRIBE format is programmed over an 10 week period.  All your sessions are tracked and progressed accordingly to an increase in your strength and fitness.

All 1 hr TRIBE sessions involve:

8mins: Warm up and mobility; especially for shoulders, spine and hips.

36mins: Completing functional strength and conditioning exercises inc:

  • push/pull

  • crawl/climb

  • squat/lunge

  • bend/twist

  • run/balance

These may be bilateral, contralateral and/or ipsilateral movements – it really depends on your own progress.

All 3 planes of movement: sagittal, frontal and transverse

We adapt ALL exercises to fit the equipment you do (or dont!) have in your home set-up.

(Just FYI – In studio we use: THE jungle gym, swiss balls, body weight, medicine balls, barbells, kettlebells, hurdles, agility ladder and poles, dead balls, indian clubs, ropes, monkey bars, the list goes on)!

6mins: Core work – inc abs, lower back and glutes.

2min: A new challenging movement for mind and body.

8mins: Foam roller/massage ball/power bands/cool down – ready for next session!

All TRIBE session will increase your:

  • Strength,

  • Fitness, 

  • Mobility.

Personal Training & Performance Coaching

We provide personal direction, support and accountability with online personal training and coaching using the Summit Performance app. 

As mentioned previously, changes don’t happen overnight – and we want to help you achieve amazing results – hence our personal training programs are a 3mo minimum.

As we have already completed an assessment/forms and discussed goals we are ready to design your program & schedule to ensure the right corrective, functional strength, flexibility and mobility exercises for you.

All our clients receive a daily schedule and individualized programming via the Summit Performance Training app. 

Is it for you?

We provide full package details here.

If you’re local and want Jeremy to assess, review or coach you, please email directly with any of your queries – jeremy@summitpt.com.au. After our initial assessment we would catch up ‘in-studio’ each month (for a small additional consult fee) or less frequently. It really depends on how much accountability and support you require. Same level of service and program direction.


Although online personal training is a relatively new concept, we’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and results for our clients has been brilliant!

Your package will include:

  • Direction, Accountability and Support.

  • Daily schedule.

  • Individualized training program for your goals, fitness level & exercise experience.

  • Individualized video instruction of exercises.

  • Correct technique instruction to ensure proper form and safety.

  • Direct & secure in-app messaging,

  • Lifestyle and Habits coaching,

  • Program adjustments,

  • Unlimited support to discuss progress/setbacks/questions,

  • Workout monitoring,

  • Complete results tracking,

  • Acknowledgement of your great progress!

Additional follow-ups, in-studio OR skype/video call can be purchased for a small fee.

You can read more here and get started. Feel free to email:  jeremy@summitpt.com.au with any queries.

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