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What is Exercise Physiology?

This is a question I am regularly asked so I thought I’d take the opportunity today to explain:

Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are:

4 year university/clinically trained experts in exercise prescription who are required to maintain yearly accreditation (with Exercise & Sports Science Australia, ESSA) via continuing professional development

Allied health professionals (registered with Allied Health Professionals Australia able to provide services under medicare, private health funds, DVA and worksafe

Specialists in prescribing safe and effective (evidence based) exercise for:
–  health and wellbeing
–  musculoskeletal rehabilitation / weight loss
–  improved sports performance
–  chronic and complex medical conditions (esp. Diabetes, obesity, and heart disease)
–  work conditioning.

So if friends or family are wanting to ensure that their lifestyle choices and exercise routine are safe and effective they’d be wise to access one of the 1500 accredited EPs across Australia to ensure their routine is tailored to their specific health goals! Find other EPs at ESSA.

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