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Weight loss vs. Fat loss explained

At the start of each year most of us set New Year resolutions which normally come in the form of goals or perhaps reforming a habit. It is probable that one of yours (like most) is going to be weight loss. When you think weight loss I believe what you are really meaning is FAT loss, and the accompanying benefits: feeling stronger, more energized, and enjoying the look of your body!

Understanding the difference between losing weight and losing fat WILL change how you obtain results and how you look at your body.

When you stand on your favourite scales (you know why it’s your favourite!) what does that figure mean to you?

Have you asked yourself: Is this number staring back at me helping me achieve my goal? ..Is it a true indication of how my health and fitness is progressing?

Knowing that you can get slimmer without the number on your scales changing is the key to your success! You see scales don’t differentiate, they measure muscle, fat, bone, organs and water..not just fat

An exercise and lifestyle program will increase your bodies muscle and bone density, leading to an increased metabolic efficiency, increased fat loss, and making you slimmer. Your goal.

When you lose body fat you are making permanent changes to your bodies health and fitness.

Remember that scales don’t:

Differentiate; they measure muscle, fat, bones, organs, food, water – it can be very deceptive!

Show you changes in your bodies increased cardiovascular capacity, increased muscle strength, power, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance OR muscle definition and tone.

Reflect health – you could have a low body weight but have very high fat percentage (this comes with a myriad of problems!)

Always motivate – you’re unhappy with what you see so you question all that you’re doing…it can overshadow the fact that you have seen fat loss, increased strength and endurance as well as higher energy levels!

Ways to move away from your favourite scales:

How do your clothes fit?

Use a favourite tape measure 😉

Get assistance measuring your body fat levels.

Set performance goals.

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