Table of Contents

Week 1. Session 1.

You’ll need a mini band and some hand weights. Have a pen and paper on hand to take notes too. Enjoy 🌻

Testing /Assessments:

1st: Plank – record time and make a note about how it felt.

2nd: Split squat hold – L leg fwd and R leg fwd. Record time and make a note about how it felt.

3rd: Contralateral table hold – L leg up and R leg up. Dont drop hips. Record time and make a note about how it felt.


1&2. Banded squat/curl/press 15 reps : Side plank and clam with mini band 15 resp ea side FOCUS on strong core : FOCUS on keeping a straight line from shoulders to knees.

3&4. Kneeling push up (with or without miniband) 15 reps : Crawl with mini band @ forearms 30s FOCUS Start with knees closer to hands to ensure you get all 15 FULL reps : FOCUS Keep pushing out on the band and keep knees close to the floor.

5&6. Full range (‘american’) DB skiing swing 30 reps : Static split squat hold with DB straight arm side raise 8 reps on each side. FOCUS Swing DBs from overhead to past your sides (DBs separate either side) : FOCUS Hold a position that is only 5cm from the floor, raise DBs only to shoulder height)

7&8. McGill curl 3x10s hold ea side : Db Renegade row with side press 16 reps continuous FOCUS Ensure that the lower back doesnt round. Cradle the head if the neck/abdominal line is too weak : FOCUS have feet wider to help with balance)

9&10. Plank hold 30s : Table (contralateral) hold 20s ea side. FOCUS push out of the shoulders. Draw the belly button in. tighten quads and glutes : FOCUS Push up @ the hips and take the weight into the shoulder).

Week 1. Session 2.


Week 2. Session 1.


Week 2. Session 1.