TRIBE with Claire

Week 3. Session 1.

Today’s workout is the same as session 1 in week 1.

Hopefully you’ll feel that you’ve become stronger and more attuned already!

Same equipment; Dumbbells and a mini band.

Enjoy yourself! 💪

Here’s what is you’ll do in the workout, and what it does for you 🙌


1. Banded squat/curl/press 15 reps FOCUS: On a strong core

WHY? Adding the band to the squat increases lateral glute engagement. Squats are great for leg strength particularly quads, hamstrings and glutes. Also great for mobility and balance. Core engagement throughout and work into the biceps, shoulders and upper back with the curl and press.

2. Side plank and clam with mini band 15 reps ea side FOCUS on keeping a straight line from shoulders to knees.

WHY? Great for core strength and pelvic stability. You’ll work core stabilising muscles particularly oblique abdominals. The clam gets into your lateral glutes.

3. Kneeling push up (with or without miniband) 15 reps

FOCUS Start with knees closer to hands to ensure you get all 15 FULL reps WHY? Full depth push ups are great for shoulder mobility as well as strength. To do them well you’ll also need to engage through your core muscles.

4. Crawl with mini band @ forearms 30s FOCUS Keep pushing out on the band and keep knees close to the floor.

WHY? Great for whole body engagement and coordination. Feel the work in your abs, quads, glutes, calves, shoulder girdle. Tiny muscles in your ankles, hips, feet and wrists are also recruited.

5. Full range (‘American’) DB skiing swing 30 reps FOCUS Swing DBs from overhead to past your sides (DBs separate either side)

WHY? This is a functional full body exercise that strengthens the glutes and hamstrings and tightens the core. It also tones the quads, hips, shoulders and arms. You’ll increase core strength and stability.

6. Static split squat hold with DB straight arm side raise 8 reps on each side. FOCUS Hold a position that is only 5cm from the floor, raise DBs only to shoulder height)

WHY? Feel the burn! The low ‘isometric’ split squat hold really gets the work into the muscles, particularly the quads. You’ll need a strong core and great stability. work into the shoulders and upper back during the dumbbell raise.

7. McGill curl 3x10s hold ea side FOCUS Ensure that the lower back doesn’t round. Cradle the head if the neck/abdominal line is too weak

WHY? A great way to practice and reinforce trunk bracing for a safe and happy back. This is a combination of continuous ab tension and minimal motion all whilst maintaining a neutral spine.

8. DB Renegade row with side press 16 reps continuous FOCUS maintain strong core engagement. Have feet wider to help with balance. Row nice and close to the body, elbow grazes side during the pull movement.

WHY: Targets entire upper body and core. The plank part of the movement requires the engagement of deep stabilising muscles in the abs, spine, shoulders and hips. The row and press targets upper back and arms.

9. Plank hold 30s FOCUS push out of the shoulders. Draw the belly button in. Tighten quads and glutes

WHY? Amazing for core strength and posture

10: Table (contralateral) hold 20s ea side. FOCUS Push up @ the hips and take the weight into the shoulder.

WHY? Fabulous for cross body engagement, stability and strength.

Week 3. Session 2.

Read below to see what to expect and celebrate the great benefits you’ll gain.

Thanks again for your support and I hope you feel strong today. Claire x

1. Banded Counterweight Squat Hold 5x10s FOCUS on tall posture, shoulders above the hips. Try not to bend fwd. Move a little fwd with knees

WHY? Excellent for quads, hip flexors and glutes. Also core stabilisers. The low ‘isometric’ hold increases active engagement and time under tension.

2. Side hold 5 x10sec holds FOCUS on keeping a straight line from shoulders to hips

WHY: Great for core strength and stability, particularly oblique abdominals.

3. Dumbbell running arms 40s FOCUS: Focus on pushing back through the elbows. Keep the elbows close to the body.

WHY? Integrates the CORE with the shoulders.

4. Bird dog hold 30s ea. FOCUS: Keep the tummy vacuumed. Don’t arch at the lower back.

WHY: Excellent for rotary stability. Activates and engages muscles in a functional chain called the posterior oblique sling.

5. Staggered stance DB swing 15 ea FOCUS: Strong through the core. Bum back then thrust the hips forward. Squeeze the front glute.

WHY: Great for functional strength through the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. The staggered stance increases single side glute engagement.

6. Alternate curtsy lunge with dumbbell curl X 24. FOCUS: Breath in as you move into the lunge.

WHY: The curtsy lunge targets the quads and glutes. When your leg crosses back and around, the gluteus medius on the stationary leg fires up. The hip abductors which bring your thighs together are also engaged.

7. Standing 3 way band FOCUS: Keep legs straight. Stay tall

WHY: Excellent for balance and stability. Great for activating and engaging the muscles around the hip.

8. Prone cobra hold 3x20s. FOCUS: Squeeze hard for the 20s straight arms. Head and shoulders low.

WHY: Fantastic for engaging the muscles in the upper back and shoulders. You’ll also feel the muscles all the way up the ‘posterior chain’ firing up.

9. Kneeling contralateral plank hold 20s FOCUS: keep weight over the shoulder. Draw the belly button in.

WHY: Very tricky! You’ll need great engagement throughout to make this work, but what a sense of accomplishment! strong through the core and oblique functional slings (across your body).

10. Single leg glute bridge with band 10 ea. FOCUS: Keep tension on the mini band.

WHY: Ensures you target ALL three glute muscles – especially glute med.