Week 1. Session 1.

You’ll need a mini band and some hand weights. Have a pen and paper on hand to take notes too. Enjoy 🌻

Testing /Assessments:

1st: Plank – record time and make a note about how it felt.

2nd: Split squat hold – L leg fwd and R leg fwd. Record time and make a note about how it felt.

3rd: Contralateral table hold – L leg up and R leg up. Dont drop hips. Record time and make a note about how it felt.


1&2. Banded squat/curl/press 15 reps THEN Side plank and clam with mini band 15 reps ea side.

> 1. FOCUS on strong core

> 2. FOCUS on keeping a straight line from shoulders to knees.

3&4. Kneeling push up (with or without miniband) 15 reps THEN Crawl with mini band @ forearms 30s.

> 3. FOCUS Start with knees closer to hands to ensure you get all 15 FULL reps 

> 4. FOCUS Keep pushing out on the band and keep knees close to the floor.

5&6. Full range (‘American’) DB skiing swing 30 reps THEN Static split squat hold with DB straight arm side raise 8 reps on each side.

> 5. FOCUS Swing DBs from overhead to past your sides (DBs separate either side) 

> 6. FOCUS Hold a position that is only 5cm from the floor, raise DBs only to shoulder height)

7&8. McGill curl 3x10s hold ea side THEN DB Renegade row with side press 16 reps continuous.

> 7. FOCUS Ensure that the lower back doesn’t round. Cradle the head if the neck/abdominal line is too weak.

> 8. FOCUS have feet wider to help with balance)

9&10. Plank hold 30s THEN Table (contralateral) hold 20s ea side.

> 9. FOCUS push out of the shoulders. Draw the belly button in. tighten quads and glutes.

> 10. FOCUS Push up @ the hips and take the weight into the shoulder).

Week 1. Session 2.

1&2. Banded Counterweight hold 5x10s THEN Side hold 5x10s holds.
FOCUS on tall posture, don’t bend fwd & move a little fwd with knees .
FOCUS on keeping a straight line from shoulders to hips.
3&4. DB running arms 40s THEN Bird dog hold 30s ea.
FOCUS on push back with elbows..Keep elbows in close to side of body – fast!
FOCUS on not arching at the lower back, keep the tummy vacuumed.
5&6. Staggered stance DB swing 15 ea THEN alternate Curtsy lunge with db curl 24.
FOCUS on arms go either side as lunge back.
FOCUS on breath in as you move into the lunge.
7&8. Standing 3 way band 21 THEN prone cobra hold 3x20s.
FOCUS on Keep legs straight. Stay tall
FOCUS on squeeze hard for the 20s straight arms. Head and shoulders low.
9&10. Kneeling contralateral plank hold 20s ea THEN single leg glute bridge with band 10 ea.
FOCUS keep weight over the shoulder. Draw the belly button in.
FOCUS keep tension on the mini BAND.