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Train outside correctly and reap the rewards!

The weather is slowly on the improve in and around Albury/Wodonga at the moment. Yes it might be raining a little, and yes you may get your hands dirty but just think of the stabilizing muscles you’ll be using doing all those functional whole body movements personal training OUTSIDE near the Murray!

Don’t get me wrong training indoors is essential, especially to learn new movements safely, training with free weights and bands doing functional movements, and to provide precision when developing and tracking your progressive program. BUT, I would certainly recommend trading your cross trainer, treadmill, and exercise machines for blue skys, fresh air and sunshine!

Training outside/in nature energizes you, decreases stress and improves mood. The great thing about training outside is that you have so many extra variables working against you – undulation, slopes, wind, rain etc – so you have to work harder..hence you can burn the same number of calories in less time = less time exercising = more time sipping lattes (I’m a doppio man myself ;-)) and catching up on the latest gossip!

Before you start training outside, a word of warning: make sure you have the right guidance and an assessment of your postural strengths and weaknesses. Training hard outside is great but if you have a weak core or undiagnosed postural weakness the likelihood of injury is high.

Get assessed, don’t just guess!

Training outside definitely ensures your goals translate through to real life tasks: incorporating all the basic human movements – squatting, lunging, twisting, lifting, bending, pushing, pulling and gait. The possibilities of the movements you perform are only limited by props available (ie: perhaps trees) and exercise prescription creativity.

So get assessed, pinpoint your immediate goal and reap the benefits that outside training provides!

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