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Train your balance with everyday drills

Most athletes use balance training as an integral part of their overall training programs – for injury prevention and improving performance.

  • Runners need balance when negotiating trails
  • Tennis players need balance when reaching for a shot
  • Skiers need balance to ski more difficult terrain

Each situation requires just the right amount of flexibility and agility @ the right time and correctly sequenced from the right area of the body to execute the task, recover then repeat without injury.

Balance is a dynamic process – our body is (losing and gaining balance, i.e.: walking) accelerating and decelerating in everything we do.

The questions we have to ask for our sport specific exercises are:

How far and how fast should the movement be? Is it addressing all 3 planes of movement?

I’ll expand on the following after the weekend :-)…Are you incorporating these into your program:

  • 1 leg punches
  • Alternate punches
  • Jump steps
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