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Stretching your way to better health

Is your posture improving with all the stretching you’re doing?

If it is then you’ll be feeling pain free and full of energy!

To make sure you’re getting value for money you need to ensure that you are stretching scientifically and engaging with your bodies neuromuscular interactions (‘the stretch reflex’, ‘autogenic inhibition’ and ‘reciprocal inhibition’) to enhance your ability to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Without getting too scientific the neuromuscular interactions I speak of assist our body by providing information about the state of our muscle length, tension and the rate of muscle lengthening.

So how can you gain the benefits?

Well, you can use the neuromuscular interactions to relax or inhibit a muscle in order to gain a more effective stretch!

You can put this into practice using a method called ‘contract-relax’, just follow these steps:

Passively take the muscle to be stretched to the end of it’s range

Contract the muscle to be stretched (against resistance, usually another person or door frame) for at least 6 seconds

The muscle is now relaxed should be taken to a new range and held for about 20 seconds

Repeat this 3x.

Remember to:

Stretch gently and slowly

Only stretch to the point of tension

Breathe slowly and easily.

Summit PT provides stretch specific sessions to improve strength, posture and balance. Contact us to arrange a session!

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