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Spring has almost sprung!

You are what you think you are

With less than a few weeks until spring is upon us it’s time to start taking action and shake off the winter coat that may have crept up over the last couple of months!
I know most of you have been working hard over the winter months – exercising inside and outside the studio, as well as making better food choices but are you sending a flow of positive suggestions to reinforce the success you are seeking?

What I mean by this is that we are constantly sending ourselves a barrage of suggestions about our shape, weight and health. These can be either positive or negative – helpful or hamful suggestions. My tip is to aim for the positive ones…from a common sense point of view, doesnt it seem as if sending a constant flow of positive suggestions to yourself would be useful?

We have at our disposals the means to assist our bodies in losing weight, improving performance and upgrading health, but to achieve this we must start to BELIEVE. Start believing you CAN and WILL achieve your goals!

Give your body permission to be as fit, strong and healthy as it can be!

P.S – If you’re in Melbourne at the moment, enjoy some of that great sunshine!

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