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Shape up for the terrain park – A boarders essential exercise program

June is getting closer and if you’ve started your skiers program then you’re on the way to your best season yet (fingers crossed for great snowfall!).

If you, like many others, prefer to snowboard or ‘mix it up’ then it is equally important to get boarder strength and condition if you want to enjoy long runs and the terrain park day after day.

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The exercise program prescribed for a skier and a boarder is similar. Both athletes require strong hip/legs, hamstrings/lower backs, abs, and muscles of the lower legs and feet. It is important in both disciplines to train a minimum of 2x/week in the off season and when the season is underway dropping that to 1x/week.

Unlike skiing, snowboarding is an asymmetrical sport. The athlete must therefore be very strong in a staggered stance but ensure that postural imbalances (leading to inefficiencies and injury) are addressed in the exercise program.

For both the snowboarding and skiing athlete, it is important to ensure that your exercise program is varied in:

  • Exercises,
  • Sets,
  • Reps,
  • And speed of movement.

Generally, if you are a beginner your exercise program should change every month. As an intermediate to advanced trainer the change should occur every 2 weeks.

To make your snow focused program snowboarder centric you need to ensure the following asymmetrical exercises are added: lunges, single leg and arm work using kettlebells, cables and bands. This variation in programming will not only address postural imbalances but also improve specific strength requirements.

Putting it all together:

Beginner. 2sets of 10 reps/exercise Intermediate to advanced. 3-4sets of 6-8 reps/exercise
Back squat 1 leg squat
1 leg inverted hamstring stretch Pull up
Alt open/close DB shoulder press Deadlift
Single arm KB DL Single arm KB press
Oblique twist with MB MB throw
Dorsiflexion Dorsiflexion then lunge
Tricep pressdown Dips
Seated dumbbell curl Standing barbell curl

Once again…If you’re really committed to getting in shape for the slopes then it is also a time to readdress fat and carbohydrate consumption. Good nutrition will aid recovery allowing you to optimize your workouts and have more fun on the slopes!

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