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Run – FORM

“LOVE the process!”

With good form we have EFFICIENCY & ECONOMY.

We can all improve our running enjoyment and performance by concentrating on the following:

Head position:

Aligned with the spine and “neutral”.

Remains stable – doesn’t sway or bob.

Gaze about 3-4m ahead. Your body posture follows your gaze.

Relax the upper body from the face down.

Arms/ Hands/ Shoulders:


Elbow bend at 90 degrees or a little less.

Work alongside the body, not crossing over your body.

Leg turnover will follow arm swing cadence.


Relaxed but not floppy. Don’t clench.

Try not to drop below the waistline.

Don’t let them go behind your waist, drive the elbow straight back (creating a ‘triangle.’).


Relaxed. Don’t let them creep to your ears!

Stay level – don’t rock from side to side.


Aligned and symmetrical. We lean from the ankles not the hips.

Don’t round your back.

Strong yet flexible hips.

Stronger glutes = better running posture.

Hips drive forward. Don’t sag at the hips.

Think “falling forward.” The lean comes from the ankles. There should be a straight line from the ankles > hips > shoulder.

Don’t lean back.


Good knee lift is important for good running form.

The knee tracks in a straight line.

The foot lands slightly in front of the hips.

The heel comes up to the butt.

The foot should strike ~ mid foot. Stay off your heel.

The foot “paws back” when you strike the ground.

Drive out of your big toe.


The goal is ~180 strides per minute. But of course, your ideal will vary depending on femur length/athlete height/effort in run and speed/distance of run.

Awareness of your stride rate will lend itself to faster running.

In longer races cadence will decrease hence it’s important to practice in training.

How to improve?

Shorten your stride.

Increase arm turnover.

Complete run drills regularly.

Be regularly thinking about good form and turnover.

Tune in to your rate and review from time to time when you run.

Persists! Eliminate an attitude of indifference towards trying to improve.

Try some easy strides at the end of your run.

Train with intent every session (and make it fun!) to realize your potential!

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