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Resting Heart Rate – Compare yourself to yourself!

Knowing about your resting heart rate can help you measure fitness level and health.

Many factors influence your resting heart rate. Genes play a role. Aging tends to speed it up.

Regular aerobic training makes your heart more efficient – both at rest and when training.

How to easily measure (and track) :

The best time to measure it is before you get out of bed in the morning.

You can measure your heart rate at your wrist or neck by placing one or two fingers over a pulse point, counting the number of beats in 15 seconds, and multiplying by four.

Knowing and monitoring your resting heart rate makes it really easy to determine how your aerobic fitness and health is tracking.

It also provides somewhat of a ‘crystal ball’,

For example:

When your resting HR is higher than normal, it’s most probably a sign that you are doing too much. Your system is stressed, and if you keep it up you’ll get sick or injured.

On days like this,  take it easy on yourself, and if need be, reconfigure your day in exercise, ie: make it a light not a hard exercise day!

Start tracking this weekend! And of course email jeremy or claire if you have any Q’s!

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