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Remove stubborn fat without liposunction. Your liver is the key.

It is the fat that is seemingly impossible to remove regardless of the exercise or nutritional regime you undertake.

Stubborn fat forms from an unhealthy diet – especially deficiencies in B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and omega 3’s – and poor liver function. Over consumption of refined and processed carbohydrates places pressure on the pancreas to overproduce insulin to lower blood sugars. An overproduction of insulin leads to insulin insensitivity.

Insulin insensitivity leads the body to become better @ converting extra carbohydrates into fat deposits.

What makes stubborn fat different?

  1. Fat burning occurs when adrenal hormones activate receptors of fat cells. No activation, no fat burning. Stubborn fat regions have a low % of these receptors – a problem.
  2. Estrogen (the female hormone) accelerates fat gain. Stubborn fat is high in oestrogen receptors – another problem.
  3. Finally circulation is an issue. Stubborn fat has poor circulation which makes this fat slower to metabolize.

Women usually suffer from stubborn fat around their hips, thighs and butt. Men tend to experience it more as they age – testosterone drops and more of what remains is converted to oestrogen.

We are all more susceptible to increases in stubborn fat if we have liver congestion, too many stressors, or adrenal fatigue.

8 ways to tackle it:

  1. Stay away from crash diets
  2. Determine which foods you are senstivie to and stay away from them
  3. Eat whole organic foods whenever possible to reduce your exposure to hormones, antibiotics, pesticides especially in meats, dairy and eggs.
  4. Drink filtered water
  5. GO easy on the booze – give your liver a chance to detoxify the estrogen derivatives
  6. Control your insulin – minimize the carbs you ingest – dont eliminate them just understand that timing and glycaemic index during consumption is very important.
  7. Make sure you are consuming enough omega 3’s, the right vitamins and minerals to ensure insulin sensitivity is maximized.
  8. Follow a comprehensive diet and exercise routine – this is your first defence against stubborn fat!


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