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Piriformis syndrome

Can I run?💥

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Does it ease the symptoms?

Then probably yes..either way you should certainly  start doing this:

🎥These 4 exercises will assist in reducing the symptoms of piriformis syndrome: 

  • Get the glutes firing before you run. Activate with a glute bridge. This one has lateral movements.
  • After running stretch using a pigeon pose.
  • Gently increase neural mobility. Slump/ Extend. 
  • Strengthen your glute region with integrated exercises (after improved isolation exercises, ie: glute bridges) such as lunge or squat variants – this a trx split squat.

💥If you choose to perform these aim for: sequence, a good start would be: 1. 15 reps 2. 60s 3. 15 ea side. 4. 2 sets of 12, but really you need a professionally prescribed runners strength program!

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