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Nutritional recommendations to help overcome anxiety

Anxiety is defined as an unpleasant emotional state ranging from unease to intense fear. However, anxiety differs to fear in that it can lack a clear or realistic trigger.

Some anxiety is normal and healthy, however higher levels can be uncomfortable and may manifest into significant problems.

Anxiety symptoms most commonly relate to the chest. They include heart palpitations, throbbing stabbing pains, tightness in the chest, tendency to sigh or hyperventilate. Anxiety causes tension in muscles especially around the back and neck leading to headaches, back pain and muscle spasms. Other symptoms of anxiety can include dizziness and symptoms of IBS.

Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations to combat it are:

  • Eliminiation of caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Identifying and controlling food sensitivities
  • Learning how to perform relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation
  • Routine strength and aerobic exercise
  • Taking a high quality multivitamin
  • Taking a high quality source of omega 3 fatty acid
  • Supplementing the diet with Vitamin C and Vitamin E (Antioxidants)
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