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Mobility Matters!

Mobility is extremely beneficial to all aspects of fitness and it’s easy to improve and maintain.

What do we mean by mobility?

Mobility is your ability to control your limbs throughout their full range of motion.

By working on mobility, not only will you be able to move more freely and avoid injury but you will be able to execute exercises with more power and efficiency.

Think of the exercises we do at the start of each session, these are mobility exercises.

Making sure your body has the sufficient mobility for weighted exercises is an essential part of every exercise session.

It allows you to get into optimal positions and execute movements in ways where you are testing the strength of your muscles and not the integrity of our joints.

Mobility exercises are best not confined only to pre and post workout.

Try adding just 10 minutes of mobility exercises to your morning routine and you’ll set your body and mind up for a fabulous day (week, month, year, life)! Add nice deep, intentional breathing as you do your exercises for added benefit.

Try these: Summit Performance – Daily Mobility 1 2018

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