A couple of points on nutrition and fats

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Low fat processed products do not support optimal functioning of your nerves, brain, hormones, immune system and metabolism. Attempting to lose weight on a low fat diet will leave you tired, always hungry and you will gain weight! Your fat stores that appear as ‘love handles, ‘beer belly’ or ‘saddlebags’…

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What is Exercise Physiology?

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This is a question I am regularly asked so I thought I’d take the opportunity today to explain: Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are: 4 year university/clinically trained experts in exercise prescription who are required to maintain yearly accreditation (with Exercise & Sports Science Australia, ESSA) via continuing professional development Allied health…

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Choose the right carbohydrates

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We are referring to refined carbohydrates, those that contain ’empty calories’, let me explain further: In nature, sugars and carbohydrates – the ENERGY providers – are linked together with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, fat and fiber – the bodybuilding and digestion regulating components of the diet. The whole form of…

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