Run – FORM

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“LOVE the process!” With good form we have EFFICIENCY & ECONOMY. We can all improve our running enjoyment and performance by concentrating on the following: Head position: Aligned with the spine and “neutral”. Remains stable – doesn’t sway or bob. Gaze about 3-4m ahead. Your body posture follows your gaze….

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Weight training young and OLD!

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When is the right time to integrate resistance training into our children’s active lifestyles? On the flip side- why and how to continue to lifting into our 60’s+ safely. Traditionally- resistance training was reserved for older teens. This was due to the misinformation regarding potential damage to growth plates. Today many studies…

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Aim high, expect the best!

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Harness your most powerful asset – mindset. Your mindset can work for or against you, at any given moment. Regardless of what you want to achieve, your mindset is the key.. Of course it’s important to take action, but without accessing the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset habits you’ll…

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