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How can I lose weight?

How can I lose weight? This is a question we are regularly asked….and our honest answer:

With the right guidance, motivation and a reduction in stress levels your ideal weight and body shape is completely achievable and easy to maintain.

You’ve no doubt attempted fad diets or ‘slim shakes’ that provided a short term fix for a special occasion involving photos…and how did you feel a couple of weeks later? I’m confident you were posing the same question “How can i lose weight?”…only this time you needed to lose more weight!!

Fad diets do not assist you in looking good and living a healthy and energized life for life!

To feel good and look good we need to choose a balanced selection of unprocessed foods, spend time chilling out and exercise regularly.

Regular exercise does not mean you must embrace the mirrors and machines of the gym and fitness world, it can be accomplished via brisk walks, going for a bike ride or jog, trying bodyweight exercises in the park or at home!

Your lack of previous success to lose weight and get fit were most probably because you were not prepared to really change your lifestyle – you weren’t emotionally engaged.

Without emotional engagement the excuses we make win the mental battle. Bad habits reappear, and change is momentary, if at all.

You need to be engaged in the process and prepared to educate yourself.

Step 1: Ask yourself – Am I passionate about losing weight?

If you are passionate and engaged about losing weight then step 2 is to write this health goal down.

The clearer you are with your goal (this goal must have a timeline) the easier it will be to achieve. Make sure that you have guidance and support in the form of a coach (as well as friends/family) to ensure the routine you’re undertaking aligns with your final health and fitness goal.

Next step = Be consistent!

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 20-60mins of exercise 3-5x/week at an intensity of between 55-65% of your heart rate maximum. As a starter, choose an exercise activity you enjoy and stick at it for at least 3 weeks. Beat the excuses! Once 3 weeks rolls around and you’ve stuck to your routine you’ll certainly be feeling more energized, more motivated and ready to go up another gear!

Now that the hard part is out of the way (seriously it gets easier from here!), to continue to lose weight and achieve your BIG goals you need to ensure that you have a way of measuring your progress, staying accountable and keeping your routine fresh.

Without measured progress and accountability, your motivation will wane.

Again this is a time to seek support and guidance to ensure the exercise routine you are undertaking is aligning with your ultimate goal. Remove the guesswork!

So in summary, if you want to lose weight and maintain that change you need to undertake the following:


Step 1 Become emotionally engaged in your commitment to losing weight!

Step 2 Write down your BIG goal and get assistance with your routine.

Step 3 Remain consistent and committed!


Step 4 Ensure progress is measured and short term goals are reviewed regularly.


Be confident that you are losing weight safely and effectively!

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