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Use good stress to get and stay healthy!

You probably think of stress as an inherently bad thing, but this is certainly not the case! We require certain amounts of stress to stay fit and healthy. It’s a matter of scheduling our week to include more of the good stressors than bad.

Here’s what to do:

DO Exercise. The stress comes from loading the muscles and bones helping us maintain an optimal metabolic rate therefore achieving optimal health, fitness and weight.

DONT overexercise – it leads immune suppression, OR underexercise – it leads to increases in fat stores and a mental and physical sluggishness.

DO get electromagnetic stress in the form of sunlight – get outside @ lunchtime! It’ll help the rhythm of your bodies hormones..dont overdo however!

REDUCE use of electronic devices – microwave ovens, mobiles, computers and tv – they emit electromagnetic pollution that cause dysfunction to your hormonal and nervous systems.

Set yourself goals and work to achieve these.

DONT focus on things that you dont want in your life.

REDUCE your use of synthetically manufactured medical drugs – our bodies do not have the mechanisms to neutralize them.

AVOID agricultural chemicals – pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and certain fertilizers. Go for organic and less processed food choices.

AVOID processed foods – preservatives, colourings, thickeners, emulsifiers are all very stressful to your bodies health.

DO eat organic whenever possible – you’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour!

If you can identify your primary stressor and alleviate it you’ll find it’ll have a domino effect on reducing other stressors in your life.

Let Summit help you ensure that you’re primary stressor is being phased out and you’re on the path to optimal health and fitness!

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