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GOAL: To generate efficient dynamic movement!

Myofascial (Anatomy) SLINGS!

The idea began with Gracovetsky and his book “the spinal engine” and was then developed and progressed by Vleeming (“Movement, Stability and lumbopelvic pain”, Lee (“The pelvic girdle”) and Myers (“Anatomy trains”).

Myofascial slings are made up of deep and superficial muscle, fascia and ligaments ALL working together to create stability and mobility.

Properly functioning myofascial slings are essential for our ability to generate efficient dynamic movement!

Moving better, creating more force and speed in movement is achieved where there is balance in myofascial slings.

When there is imbalance in these slings, dysfunction occurs leading to injury and poor performance.

Lee describes 4 slings:

  • Anterior Oblique Sling (AOS)
  • Posterior Oblique Sling (POS)
  • Deep Longitudinal Sling (DLS)
  • Lateral Sling (LS)

Benefits of having functional SLINGS:

Injury Prevention & Reduction
Improved Running Economy
Improved Sprinting Economy
Improved Agility
Improved Motor recruitment
Improved Posture
Better Glutes
Better abs!🙌

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