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Getting strong is your No. 1 priority

Strength has a greater purpose…


To obtain high levels of power, endurance, sport skill, and fat loss you must become strong first.


Defend your country and loved ones. Volunteer during a natural disaster. Win a championship. Have pride and become a lean and muscular version of yourself. Choose to get through the day and our multitude of chores and responsibilities without injury or feelings of weakness. Decide to be injury free and weak no more!




“Strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities,” stated Prof. Leonid Matveev.

 “Just doing aerobic exercise is not adequate,” says Dr. Robert Schreiber, physician-in-chief at Hebrew SeniorLife and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. “Unless you are doing strength training, you will become weaker and less functional.”

Ensuring you have good strength is another key to a fun filled life and better performance!!

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