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Getting CLEAR about your goals!

What are your health and fitness goals?

Are they clear in your mind’s eye?

Is it to be more energized? confident in your body? move with ease? not have an niggles? drop fat around your belly? around your butt?

If we imagine we’re talking about your goal achievement a few months from now, when you look back what happened for you to feel happy about the success?

What did you do to accomplish it?

You know yourself better than anyone else. What did you need?

Try this as a starter:

Write down your goal.
Address obstacles youve created.
Clear your mind of doubt.
Embrace the challenge.
Know what you will do to stay on track.
Show everyone that you can achieve your goal!

After youve written down your number 1 goal, give yourself a moment to visualize how it will feel to achieve this.

Pretty darn good yeah.

So now take ACTION (anything that will move you closer to your goal)! Dont put it off, dont sabotage. Do it NOW.

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