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Gain functional strength and a healthy body with THE LUNGE

The lunge:

It is one of the most effective exercises in working the butt, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the hamstrings (refer to research undertaken by the :  American College of Sports Medicine, Journal of Strength and Conditioning, American College on Exercise….I could go on!).

The lunge involves functional stability, balance, overall body coordination and proper posture alignment, which is extremely useful in functional strength and a healthy body!

It is an exercise that can be performed almost anywhere and has countless variations to suit everyone.

Although the lunge exercise looks simple, it is not easy to perform a well executed lunge. It is always very important to focus on proper technique when performing any exercise and NOT focus on reps, speed or level of resistance before your technique is sound… Why?

Poor exercise technique places undue stress and pressure on our joints which can speed up degeneration of these joints, making you more prone to injury and may lead to debilitating conditions such as arthritis.

So correct exercise technique is paramount to ensure a long lived healthy body!

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