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Effective health and fitness goal setting

Didn’t achieve your health and fitness goals in 2012?

Did you write down the health and fitness goal you wished to achieve? Did you have a focus? Was the goal achievable/realistic?

If 2012 didn’t quite deliver your health and fitness goals it is most probably due to your approach – it’s lacking direction.

To ensure that you’re not wasting your time with aimless training to achieve your ‘ultimate goal’ you need to do the following NOW:

Make sure your goals are achievable and realistic – Bite off less than you can chew!

Make your goals measurement oriented (ie – I will do 10 push ups, I will fit into my favourite jeans) not subjective outcome oriented (ie – look fit).

Make sure that each of your goals has a timeline for reassessment (ie – I will do 10 push ups on 19/3/13) – Slow and steady wins the race.

Write down your goal – this shows your commitment to achieving a desired outcome.

If you’re ahead of the pack and have already set your goals for 2013 ensure that you have asked yourself these questions:

Am I serious about achieving my goals?

Am I truly prepared to commit the required time and effort per week to achieve them?

Does my training program reflect my 2012 goals?

Is my training program precise yet varied to ensure motivation is maintained towards achieving my goals?

If you follow the aforementioned points you will achieve your goals. Please feel free to contact with questions and good luck!

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