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An essential for health and wellness

Fasting has been utilized for thousands of years and applied in different guises for reasons of health-detox/cleanse, religion, politics, spirituality and medicine.

For health and fat loss purposes there are a number of ways to approach fasting:

  • caloric restriction on a couple of days a week
  • complete abstinence from food for a certain number of hours or days
  • alternating feast days and famine days

There are currently plenty of university researchers in Europe, US, Asia and Australia studying the health and medical applications of fasting.

The research suggests that there are major health benefits.

Benefits include reduced risk of chronic disease such eg: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity as well as increased insulin sensitivity, cholesterol lowering and increased capacity to resist stress and aging.

Personally I believe fasting is essential for prolonged health and wellbeing.

I do it regularly.

Healing and cleansing occurs as built up waste products within the digestive system are removed – this increases body functioning, health, vitality, and strength.

On a health and wellness level, you will have improved: Mental acuity, skin tone, efficiency of protein synthesis, the immune system, mental and emotional health to name a few.


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