Frequently Asked Questions

“What do I need?”

A commitment to training a minimum of 3 days/ week for 3 months. For equipment and other requirements, see below.

“How is the personal program delivered? 

To access your program you use the Summit Performance Training app. 

Once you begin I send through log-in details and instructions.

Programming, schedule, notes, and video instructions will show up in the app when it’s time for you to complete a session.

When you save your workouts or sessions, I can review / adjust your program accordingly to correctly align with your progress. Your results are charted and sent to me.

What exercise can I do if I cant do a running session for whatever reason?

I program contingency sessions. There are PLENTY!

As a coach and runner myself, I totally understand the frustration created when we can’t complete our scheduled run! So to this end I create personalised programs that focus on running specific movements but with an aerobic energy system focus not strength energy system focus. You’ll get an equivalent workout (and buzz 😊) – until you’re ready to get back running!

“How strict does my diet need to be?”

I’m a reasonable guy, however to guarantee results I need you to “eat well” 90% of the time.

This means, aiming to eat plenty of different coloured veggies and some fruit. Plenty of wholefoods. Limiting processed foods as often as possibly. 

“Can I still drink alcohol on your program?”

If you do drink alcohol then that’s ok…we’ll need to discuss frequency and volume however. The reason: if you’re drinking a lot then I can’t guarantee results due to the impact it has on your body systems and sleep.

“How do I contact you to ask a question?”

I’m happy to offer unlimited support but I am very specific with how it is offered. 

This is how it works to ensure you’re progress towards your great goals:

Each week send me a single email. That email needs to be point form and each point no more than 3 sentences. 

Each point is also one question and you are welcome to ask however many questions you like. 😊

In the event of an emergency/immediate difficulties you can of course contact me!

I do check this every 24hr cycle however, I ask that you save up all of your questions for your single email that you can send me any time, but I respond before the start of the following week’s training schedule – and we stick with that. 

I have organised myself this way because I want to give you and your questions the attention that you deserve. This allows me to block out all distractions and spend as much time as necessary on giving you feedback and guidance.

Finally, re email, please make sure you’ve added me to your “safe list” to make sure you don’t miss anything from me!

“How do I check in with you?”

As described above in “How do I contact you to ask a question?”

Also, each time you complete a workout, upload a photo, make a note, in fact whenever you record anything in the Summit PT app I am notified. The more you record the better! It means I have more info about your progress and can therefore modify/progress accordingly 😊


“How do payments work?”

Payment is via a secure paypal gateway.

If you want to get started now then jump back here and complete the ‘let’s get started’ smart form. Once you submit it’s sent directly to me. I’ll give you a call within 24hrs.

“What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?” OR “How do you monitor form & correct execution online?”

Your customised programming, notes, and video demonstrations will show up in your app when it’s time for you to train – including reminders and tips.

If you are still unsure about how to perform a particular exercise then please film 3s of you doing that exercise (ASAP please!) and email directly to me so I can review technique and respond ASAP!

“Do I need to be a member of a gym?”


However, ideally you will have access to some equipment. The reason for this is two fold: 1. Using external resistance (not just body weight) offers a much greater opportunity for variation in your programming and 2. You will progress towards your goal(s) faster due to the varied stimulus application.

“Do I need to purchase any equipment?”

If you are a member of a gym then no. 

If you would like to complete workouts/sessions @ home then ideally yes. 

The following would be a great starting investment:

90cm Foam roller. Medium strength ‘mini-band’. Medium or strong strength ‘powerband.’ 

10-12kg kettlebell. 3 or 4kg dumbbells (pair). Massage ball (not spiky). If you’d like more recommendations after we’ve completed an initial assessment (so I know your baseline measures) just let me know! 

 “Can I track my food intake?”

The app has a made for you food diary and tracker that is very easy to use / upload photos/track progress. Also other ‘trackers’ integrate with our app; i.e.: MyFitnessPal integrates directly with our App – I can give you instructions on how to do this.

That said, my programming is for run programming, strength, mobility and conditioning programming. Not nutrition coaching. I’m very happy to offer recommendations and answer questions if you’re stuck, however I do not review nutrition weekly.

In short, I recommend a wholefood diet, that is rich in vegetables and variety. 


“Is there a cancellation policy?”

Yes. However I have a 3-month commitment rule – In order for you to get results it’s going to take some work on both of our parts. This doesn’t happen overnight. If you are not able to commit to 3 months of training with a minimum of 3 days a week. If you are not committed to getting results then I suggest we don’t work together. After your initial 3 months you can cancel any time by messaging me and won’t be billed again.

More questions?

Send me an email so we can have a chat: