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Eat unprocessed foods

One of the main components of becoming healthier, leaner and fitter really does start with WHICH foods we chose to consume!

Here are 5 reasons to remind you why unprocessed/real foods are KEY:

1.  Much more nutritious

They improve nutritional deficiencies and reduce hunger.

  1. Quality protein

Better bioavailable sources of protein.

  1. Higher in soluble fiber

Great sources of soluble fiber include sweet potatoes, beans, fruits and vegetables.

  1. Contain polyphenols

Plant molecules with antioxidant properties. Some polyphenols may help with fat loss, such as epigallocatechin gallate in green tea.

  1. They will help you make a lifestyle change

Shifting your focus to eating more unprocessed foods, rather than following a diet, WILL make you healthier.

The Bottom Line

A diet rich in unprocessed foods is great for your health and can also help you lose weight!

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