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Difficulties in developing flexibility?

Have you been trying to improve your flexibility for years without noticeable success?

If you want or need (most of us) to develop your flexibility then the methods applied need to be correct.

In the past it is more than likely that you have been:

  • Doing the wrong exercises,
  • Using the wrong timing (during the day and workout),
  • Choosing the incorrect training methods.

As a starting point, to assisting you improve your flexibility, I would recommend you commence an early morning dynamic stretching routine pre food.

The routine comprises of gentle arm and leg swings, in all planes however no static or isometric stretches at this time.

Aim for 8-12 repetitions and complete 2-3 sets – don’t work to fatigue! More reps will only set the nervous regulation of the muscles length at the level of ‘less than best’ and you will start losing flexibility. After reaching the max length in the direction of movement, maybe squeeze out a few more reps but that is it!

And remember dynamic stretching is not ballistic stretching – NO bouncing!

I have personally seen great flexibility and mobility improvements in clients, patients and my own with this Eastern European methodology.

Happy stretching!

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