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Delicious superfood smoothie that improves belly health!

Strawberry kefir smoothie with super foods chia and cacao:

Strawberry kefir smoothie









Kefir is an amazing and unique drink. It’s like drinking yoghurt to taste but has so much more to offer! It contains plenty of beneficial bacteria and yeast to improve the health of your digestion, as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D K2, folic acid and nicotinic acid (Vit B3). Research has shown that lactose maldigestors tolerate kefir well. This because of the release of enzyme to digest the lactose.

Kefir protects the intestines and improves health as the good bacteria colonizes the intestines protecting against disease causing bacteria!

It has even been shown to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure!

This drink is delicious and so healthful. Blend the strawberries and kefir then sprinkle with cacao and chia  – VOILA!




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