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Correct foods to eat before and after fasting

To ensure you give your body the best chance of cleansing via fasting – complete or intermittent – it is ideal if you do not consume animal products, cheese, milk, nuts, refined sugar, grains, breads, caffeine and alcohol the day before you commence (as a minimum).

Consume only raw, steamed or sauteed veg and fruit. Herbal teas are fine.

To make the fast run without interruption – especially if it is your first time –  it is good to minimize scheduling of work or appointments.

Post fast is probably the most challenging – the temptation to go back to eating how you were is huge! Dont pig out and ruin all the hard work your body has put in – be prepared! Being prepared means have the right food ready:…follow the rules that you did before the fast. From here gradually add dairy, nuts and animal products.

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