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Connect with nature and reduce abdominal fat!

During my recent trip to the Apple Isle (Tassie) – where I certainly ate my fair share of fine huon valley apples – I was reminded of just how quickly time surrounded by nature can rejuvenate, and refresh your being!

When we are surrounded by nature the psychophysiological effects (i.e. positive psychological effects that translate into positive physiological effects) are dramatic. Being relaxed and in a positive mood decreases the production and circulation of stress hormones (ie cortisol) in the body – read more here:

Epel, E.S. et al. Stress and body shape: stress-induced cortisol secretion is consistently greater among women with central fat. Psychosomatic Medicine 62:623-632, 2000.
Rosmond, R. Et al. Stress-related cortisol secretion in men: relationships with abdominal obesity and endocrine, metabolic, and hemodynamic abnormalities. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 83: 1853-1859, 1998.
Wallerius, S. et al. Rise in morning saliva cortisol is associated with abdominal obesity in men: a preliminary report. Journal of Endocrinology Investigation 26: 616-619, 2003.

Basically, reduce cortisol production and you will reduce abdominal fat!


Get out in the garden, park or travel to Tassie and let Great Expeditions show you hidden gems and feel your cortisol levels plummet!

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