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A way to challenge your kinetic chain and suitcase deadlifting

I would absolutely recommend you start incorporating these 2 brilliant exercises into your routine. Both will improve your performance and your kinetic chain.kinetic chain

As an aside, your kinetic chain is defined as: A combination of several successively arranged joints constituting a complex motor unit.

We all want and need a strong kinetic to perform at our best and reduce the likelihood of injury when doing the things we love.

Both exercises below are great for improving your back strength and mobility + will improve the definition of the backside and hamstrings!

1 leg inverted hamstring stretch


  • Stand on one leg with arms at your sides and shoulder blades back and down


  • Bend at waist and lift left heel up whilst lifting both arms creating a create a straight line
  • Hold for 3 s
  • Return to the starting position
  • Repeat 10x
  • Switch legs

Try to keep back flat, maintain a straight line from head to toe and keep foot elevated throughout reps.


Suitcase DL


  • Stand with arms at your sides and kettlebell or dumbbell in one hand.


  • Push your hips back and reach the dumbbell down to the floor (as close as you can).
  • Ensure the back stays straight.
  • Now stand up again.
  • Repeat 10x
  • Switch to opposite hand

Try to keep back flat, and don’t allow your torso to tilt to either side throughout reps.


Both are great core exercises for improving movement against gravity (not the case for most prescribed core exercises) – a fundamental element of everyday movement!

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