Exercise Physiology


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💥RUN technique SUCCESS💥.❤Tag or share with your running buddy😄.Don’t change too quickly! Focus on one area of weakness > improve it > work on the next!.Dont OVERSTRIDE. When you overstride, you’re braking against your forward momentum which makes running less efficient. Aim to hit the… Read More »Run TECHNIQUE

Piriformis syndrome

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Can I run?💥 ❤Tag or share with your running buddy😄 Does it ease the symptoms? Then probably yes..either way you should certainly  start doing this: 🎥These 4 exercises will assist in reducing the symptoms of piriformis syndrome:  Get the glutes firing before you run. Activate… Read More »Piriformis syndrome

Plantar fasciitis

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Sore heel? Foot?  Running with it?.❤Share with your running buddy.It can become quite stubborn, so be careful! Start here:.1. Reduce your weekly mileage..A couple of weeks of lower volume to see how the symptoms respond. When returning, try not to increase your total weekly mileage… Read More »Plantar fasciitis

Run – FORM

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“LOVE the process!” With good form we have EFFICIENCY & ECONOMY. We can all improve our running enjoyment and performance by concentrating on the following: Head position: Aligned with the spine and “neutral”. Remains stable – doesn’t sway or bob. Gaze about 3-4m ahead. Your… Read More »Run – FORM

Weight training young and OLD!

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When is the right time to integrate resistance training into our children’s active lifestyles? On the flip side- why and how to continue to lifting into our 60’s+ safely. Traditionally- resistance training was reserved for older teens. This was due to the misinformation regarding potential damage to… Read More »Weight training young and OLD!

Mobility vs Flexibility

Today we wanted to share and remind why Mobility is key to improved daily movement and health! Mobility and flexibility are not one and the same! Flexibility: “the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to lengthen passively through a range of motion” Mobility :… Read More »Mobility vs Flexibility