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Boost performance: A simple breathing exercise

Breathing correctly is vital if you wish to maintain health, improve vitality and boost performance.

Like physical exercise there are many different ways to exercise the breath, each with its own particular benefit and purpose. When we breathe correctly our diaphragm massages and stimulates our organs and glands.

Stimulation of these boosts circulation of blood and energy, enhances immune function, regulates nerves and hormones, improves digestion, and balances the body.

Below is a simple way for you to improve your breath and health:

Sit comfortably away from distractions and relax your shoulders

Close your eyes

Concentrate on the rise and fall of your breathing


Exhale for a count of eight

Inhale for a count of four

Retain your breath for a count of seven

Stay relaxed

Repeat 10 times

Breathe normally for 30 seconds before opening your eyes

It will take a little practice however once mastered you can use this technique to help you relax at any time throughout the day. Practice regularly and you’ll really notice the change in your energy levels in as little as 10 days.

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