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Better RUNNING: Train Anterior oblique sling (AOS).

Train your myofascial slings and run strong! Do this exercise ➡ KB swing – staggered stance.
“Our limbs merely amplify movements that originate within muscles of the spine and trunk”
AOS – Anterior oblique sling, is an essential myofascial line when running.

The AOS consists of the external and internal obliques, the opposite side adductor muscle, and the connecting adductor abdominal fascia.
The AOS helps us accelerate and decelerate our body.
Weakness here will impact performance and can manifest as an injury if left unchecked
Such as
Lower back pain
Sacroiliac pain
Groin pain
Knee or ankle issues.
This is a great exercise to strengthen from the shoulder to opp hip/knee.
Having strength/mobility balanced both sides will create improved running economy for the runner. Hence faster times and bulletproofing against injuries!
If you’re familiar with Kettlebells, have already tested your AOS weakness, and want to improve your running (and movement) then this variant swing: Staggered stance (edited from the Summit online exercise library and app), should certainly find its way into your schedule!

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