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Achieving weight loss and performance goals

Achieving goals, whether they are weight loss or performance, requires a change in lifestyle.

By this I mean the food we eat, the way we eat, the exercise we undertake, the rest we provide ourselves, the stress we put ourselves under, the mental attitude we maintain over a period of time determines whether we achieve the goals we set or not.

Diets may work short term but unless you change your lifestyle, you will again have weight problems.

Along with learning to eat and move better, using intelligent and positive affirmations aligned with your goal will assist in changing your lifestyle.

What we are attempting to do with this method is retrain the subconscious mind.

When determining what positive affirmation resonates with you and your goal, be careful of wording. Ensure that you are focussing on the solution not the problem.


  • Dont say: “I am not fat” – this is focussing on the problem.
  • Say:  “ I am slim, fit and healthy” OR “ Everyday in everyway I am getting leaner, stronger and  healthier” – this is focussing on the solution.

Be comfortable and confident with the goal you desire. Visualize it.

So, get determined, write your positive affirmations down and repeat daily – and preferably in front of a mirror.

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