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A very basic cleanse

If you’ve been reading and thinking about fasting but find the idea a little too overwhelming then perhaps this method is a good place to start:

The apple fast.

There’s nothing to it really, all you need is a big bag of apples, preferably a day of mostly rest (light exercise is beneficial), and the right mind set.

An apple a day..

The apple has long been known as a health tonic, medicine, cosmetic and bowel-regulator. It is used for skin problems, urinary issues, anemia, sleep problems, intestinal parasites and bad breath in folk treatment.

Apples contain vitamin E, a good supply of biotin and folic acid (B-complex vitamins), vitamins A and C, and many minerals such as sulfur, potassium, iodine, silica, magnesium and calcium.

With its low acidity it helps balance stored bodily wastes (normally acidic). They are also very rich in a water soluble fiber called pectin which helps to clear out heavy metals such as lead and aluminum that we all accumulate from our city air, food and water.

This is very important when detoxifying for weight loss.

Pectin appears to be an excellent substance for lowering cholesterol. It can also help eliminate bile acids from the intestines, thus reducing the development of colon cancer and gallstones.

A day or three on apples every so often can help clear away food sensitivites and intolerances, plus reduce water retention, improve lagging energy, improve complexion and brighten your eyes.

We’re all overworked and overstimulated these days, and the apple fast is a great and simple way to begin to improve our body systems functions and efficiency – hence our energy levels improve!

The ‘how to’ looks like this:

  • Purchase a bag of apples (preferably organic),

  • Eat these apples for 1, 2 or 3 days..and only apples – but as many as you like!

  • If you must have a hot drink only go with herbal tea, no black tea or coffee.

  • Try not to eat heavy meals the day before and the day after,

  • As a beginner it’s a good idea to plan the apple fast on a weekend as the process of elimination can be tiring.

  • Only undertake this fast if you are generally well. If you are unsure check with your doctor.

Good luck!

NB: Another option to get your eating back on track is the 7 day plan.


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