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A couple of points on nutrition and fats

Low fat processed products do not support optimal functioning of your nerves, brain, hormones, immune system and metabolism. Attempting to lose weight on a low fat diet will leave you tired, always hungry and you will gain weight!

Your fat stores that appear as ‘love handles, ‘beer belly’ or ‘saddlebags’ do not necessarily result from fat consumption.

High calorie, nutrient empty (ie little bioavailability of vitamins and minerals) foods are the main cause responsible for fat build up. You never feel satiated.

So, try to work the following nutritionally rich fats into your weekly eating habits, you’ll find your energy levels increase and metabolism fire up:

Olive oil, cod liver oil, flax seeds, egg yolks, avocados, sesame oil as well as stable saturated fats – coconut oil, butter and lard.

And remove the following:

Trans fats and partially hydrogenated fats – found in margarine, chips, fast-food fried, baked goods. They are made from cheap soy, canola, corn or cottonseed oil rather than more nutritious animal fats and tropical oils. They compromise many bodily functions such as tissue repair, hormone synthesis and promote weight gain.

Finally here’s an excerpt from Dr Frank Hu’s (Harvard School of Public Health) address to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) who was preparing for the changes to the USDA food pyramid (2005):

“Studies conducted in the past three years have found a moderately high-fat diet to be more beneficial (than low fat diets) in terms of adherence, weight loss and weight maintenance, while also reducing cardiovascular risk factors”

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