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A 7 day eating plan for beginners

It will:

  • improve vitality and energy,
  • assist in shedding unwanted body fat,
  • educate you on your current nutritional habits,
  • assist in changing your lifestyle.

There are no supplements or powders in this plan just the elimination of some foodstuffs and the increased intake of others.

To experience the change you must commit yourself to the 7 days – NO EXCUSES.

  • You are 100% in or not at all.
  • There are no “well, I sort of followed it” or “eat what I want days”

If you consume any excluded food you will interrupt the body cleansing process and you will need to re-start from day 1.

Remember it is only 7 consecutive days of 365!!!

The ‘How to’ steps:

  1. Remove excluded foods (list below) from your kitchen
  2. Prepare recipes from, and shop for, included foods (list below)
  3. Start day 1!

Be aware that you may feel terrible on days 2-4 with symptoms including: headaches, irritability, tiredness, ‘brain fog’ and potentially cravings. These symptoms are due to your body eliminating the toxins that it has stored up over many years! Don’t fret, stay strong and by day 4-5 you’ll be close to the end and feeling really great!


Dairy milk, dairy cream, red meat, wheat – bread/pasta/biscuits/cakes/pies/breakfast cereals, processed foods – tinned/pre-packed, refined sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, deep-fried foods, hydrogenated oils, all deep-fried foods, diet/non-diet soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol.


Poultry, fish, eggs, butter, yoghurt, vegetables – lots of greens(!), fruit, brown rice, quinoa, oats, legumes, nuts, seeds, olive oil, sea salt, herbs and spices. Green and other herbal teas of your choice.

And that is it! Very realistic and very achievable!

For most of you, if you are able complete the 7 days without interruption, this plan will be the beginning of a life changing experience.

Please contact me with questions if you need recipes or ideas on how to best include the ‘include’ list.

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